Getting around the dashboard

Access general information about the schools as well as targeted content and information about your children: timetables, homework, attendance, behaviour and reports.

Every school's Firefly site will have a slightly different look and feel but here are some of the key things you can expect to find on your school's Parent Portal.

1.  Log in

Log in with your email address and the password that you have created.

2.  Browse the menu

Choose subjects or sections from the menu at the top of the dashboard to view pages that have been created to support your child's learning.

Bookmark pages to help you find them again quickly.

3.  View announcements and messages

Select the cross to remove the message once you have acknowledged it.

4.  View the calendar

View the calendar to find out what's on today or to see more events.

5.  View your child's profile

Choose the link to your child to view their profile and find out information such as homework, timetable, attendance, behaviour and reports.