Your child's profile page

Easily access relevant information about your child's learning and school life, such as their timetable and the homework they've been set.

Your school may be rolling these features out over the course of a period of time so don't worry if they are not all available.

1.  Select the link to your child

You must be logged in and on the dashboard to see the links to your child or children.

2.  View your child's profile

You can view key facts about their teachers, classes and see which lesson they currently taking.

3.  View attendance & behaviour

Keep track of your child's attendance from the Parent Portal by viewing the colour coded attendance log.  

Behaviour information is displayed on your child's profile and will also be colour coded according to your school's system. Look out for summary statements of awards and sanctions too.

4.  View your child's reports

Your school may display reports. Choose the report you would like to see and select View Report. It will open electronically for you to view. Choose See More Reports to open other reports.

5.  View feedback on tasks
6.  Keep track of tasks that your child has been set

Go to Outstanding tasks that others have set to keep a track of all homework that is being set for your child on Firefly. View the task details and see when it is due. Select the hyperlink for more information about the task.

7.  View your child's timetable

Scroll down to the bottom of your child's profile for an up-to-date copy of their timetable.