Frequently asked questions

Get all the answers you need about what early access is and how it works.

What's the early access scheme?

We’ve created the early access scheme to give schools the chance to introduce the new Firefly 6 navigation to existing and new users ready for the Autumn term. We’ve redesigned the menus you use to navigate the site. All your great content is still there, but the menus are now much clearer, with the things you want to do more readily to hand. The early access scheme is therefore intended to be a preview of what’s to come in Firefly 6, rather than a beta version.

Why join the early access scheme?

The changes in the navigation are probably the biggest visual change between Firefly 5 and 6 so the early access scheme gives you the opportunity to introduce these changes to students, teachers and parents at a time that suits you best.

All the functionality remains the same so there’s no need for any extra training, but you can be assured that any training you do using the new navigation will still be applicable when Firefly 6 launches.

Are there any requirements?

To join the early access scheme, you'll need to already be using one of our Firefly 6-compatible themes: Melody, Nautilus, Folio or Storybook. If you're currently using another theme, don't worry - switching is free and easy. You'll find previews and more information about this in our Themes section.

Where do I sign up?

If you'd like to sign up for our early access scheme, just get in touch with our Support team at

How does it work?

  • If you're a cloud hosted school, we'll handle the switch for you and at your convenience. We'll make sure your site gets upgraded on the day of your choice, before the start of the school day.
  • If you're a locally hosted school, you'll only need to make a small configuration change which will be documented on Lantern.

While we're confident you'll love the new navigation, we've designed this switch to be completely reversible — so you can try it completely risk-free!

What about the apps?

As an early access school, you’ll be able to keep using the existing Teacher Planner and Student Planner apps. We’ll be releasing brand new apps to go with Firefly 6, so stay tuned for more information about those.

What help will be available?


We’ll be offering specific "5 to 6" training for schools wanting to get familiar with Firefly 6 before it launches.

Help site

We've launched a brand new help site for our early access users at It features all the existing help content, as well as updated screenshots and new procedures. As always, once you switch to early access you'll be able to quickly access it by clicking the help button in Firefly itself. 

Will there be a beta version?

We’re keen to only release features that have been properly tested, so we won’t be offering a beta version. Instead, we’ll be releasing full demo versions of our new apps and providing demo sites to schools wanting to try out Firefly 6. As always, we’ll keep you informed about when and how you’ll be able to get these.

What’s coming in Firefly 6?

For more information about what will be coming in Firefly 6, please see our blog post.

If you’re curious about our roadmap, why not take a look at what Joe had to say during our 2015 Firefly Learning Conference.