Adding and editing users

Add, modify or delete Firefly users and groups, and bulk import users from a .CSV file.

Adding a user

1.  Access the Control Panel

Select the Users tab, then choose Add user.

2.  Enter the user details

The username must be in lowercase and cannot contain any spaces or symbols. You can also add a description, email address and profile picture.

Select the Password tab when you're done.

Changes to profile pictures will not be visible until you clear the picture profile cache.

3.  Set a password

Confirm your choice by retyping it.

4.  Define group membership (optional)

Select the Group membership tab, then start typing the name of a group or choose from the lists. 

The user can be removed from a group by choosing the X next to name of the group.

One user can belong to multiple groups.

5.  Select Add User to save your changes

Modifying a user

The details for any user can be edited by choosing Modify user and then selecting the user from the list.

Deleting a user

Any user can be deleted by choosing Delete user.

Import users

  1. First select the group to add users to.
  2. Browse to the .CSV file containing users' data.

Note that the .CSV file must use columns named Username, Password, Full Name, Description, Email.

Adding a group

1.  Choose Add group
2.  Give the new group a name
3.  Start typing the names of the group members
4.  Select Add Group to save your changes

Modifying a group

1.  Select Group
2.  Add or Remove Users

Select Modify Group to add or remove members to/from the selected group.

Deleting a group

1.  Select Delete group
2.  Choose the group from the list and select Delete Group
3.  Select Delete Group to confirm