Advanced site settings overview

The Control Panel's Advanced tab gives immediate information on the database size, product key and the site code for use with the mobile apps.

Reload server preferences

Reloads server settings from the Firefly.config file and the database. This must be done when changes are made to Firefly's core files. E.g. when installing new plugins.

Clear profile picture cache

Firefly caches profile pictures to ensure high performance. The cache must be cleared when profile pictures have been changed or updated before the changes will be visible.

Profile permissions

These settings are also available to administrators from any profile page.

Purge personal sections

Allows selection and deletion of individual or multiple personal sections.

Purge hit logs

Allows deletion of records of old hits from the database.

Look up GUID from username

Looks up a user's Windows GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) from his or her username.

Look up username from GUID

Look up a user's username from his or her Windows GUID.

Check user's signature

Check which policies a specified user has agreed to.

Clear site AUP signatures

Forces all users to re-sign the Acceptable Use Policy for a specific site.

Clear all AUP signatures

Forces all users to re-sign the Acceptable Use Policy for all sites.

Search and Replace

Allows you to search and replace text in pages across the site or a specific section. Search and Replace only works on page content, not page titles or section titles. Please use with caution! 

  1. Select the section to be searched in the Scope drop-down. The default is All sections.
  2. Enter the word or phrase to be replaced in the Search for box, and the replacement in the Replace with box.
  3. Select Match case if want the search to be case sensitive.
  4. Choose a Match modeMatch whole words only (the default setting) or Match as part of words.
  5. Select Search and Replace.