Creating personal blogs

Automatically set up personal blogs for Firefly users by adding the Quick Blog component to the dashboard.

You will need to enable personal sections first.

1.  Decide who should have a personal blog

Personal blogs are automatically created when the Quick Blog component is added to a dashboard that they can access. For example, to create a personal blog for all your students you should add the Quick Blog component to the student dashboard.

2.  From the dashboard, select Edit Page
3.  Select More, then Quick Blog
4.  Select Done to add the component
5.  Select Done or Publish to save your changes
5.  Access a personal blog
  • To access your own personal blog, select the arrow next to your name and choose Personal Section from the drop-down. The personal blog is directly above it in the left menu.
  • To access another user's personal blog, search for their name and choose Profile. The link to their personal blog is displayed under the Blog heading.