Overall site settings

Add site

This control will create a new site. You can run many Firefly sites from one installation. The settings available are identical to those under Modify this site.

Modify this site


  • The site Title and Template can be set. The template can be selected from the drop-down menu provided.
  • AUP Page ID applies if the site has e.g. an Acceptable Use Policy which must be electronically 'signed' before the user can access its content. The AUP page number is entered into the box alongside. Otherwise leave blank.
  • Search can be set either to Search all default sites or Search this site only. It allows selection of default search behaviour and also determines if the site is included in a 'default sites' search.
  • There is the option to enable dashboards and to set the dashboard as the default home page when a user logs on. The default is for both settings to be selected and this is highly recommended.
  • It is possible to create multiple dashboards. E.g. when configuring the Parent Portal, it is necessary to create a parent dashboard which will give the ability to display a different set of information than would appear to students.
  • Each dashboard can be associated with a group so that each user is presented with the correct dashboard when they login.


  • Domain name: Enter the primary domain name at which this site should be accessed. You'll also need to configure your DNS and IIS server to point to Firefly for this domain.
  • Redirect to HTTPS: Determine if and when Firefly should redirect to HTTPS. "For all requests" ensures that Firefly is only accessible via HTTPS and that all HTTP links are redirected to HTTPS. This means that all links to recommended bookmarks will be HTTPS only too. Please note that if you enable HTTPS for all requests, HTTP embeds that worked previously may display an error message instead.
  • Domain aliases: You can add secondary domain names that will also point to this site. Only locally hosted schools can add domain aliases themselves. If you're a cloud school, please get in touch with us.


This tab allows control over which users can read pages on the site and which can write pages throughout the site. It also allows control over which users can leave comments on pages on the site and which can leave moderated comments.


The different types of authentication supported by Firefly can be configured:

  • Active Directory (AD)
  • Firefly users
  • Google
  • Office 365
  • Parent Portal (SIMS or similar)

The descriptions that appear for the user when accessing these methods can also be set.

Delete Site

Self explanatory! You are asked to confirm that you wish to delete the site by entering 'CONFIRM' into the appropriate box first. This is to avoid accidental deletion.