Managing reports - PASS

Configure Firefly to show student reports from PASS. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to email Client Experience.

This guide presumes you have published school reports in PASS. You will need to use the Export to PDF function within PASS, which will copy the reports into the correct location for Firefly to find them.

1.  In the Control Panel, select Configuration for Attached Files

You will find Configuration for Attached Files under Plugin Configuration.

2.  Select Other in the top menu, type who to update reports for and choose Plugin Configuration

Once you have clicked Plugin Configuration the person or group will be saved and this menu closed. You will need to navigate back here to download the reports.

Typically the group to choose is one containing all students.

3.   Navigate back to Configuration for Attached Files

The person or group that you entered in the previous step will have been kept.

4.   Update reports now or schedule them for later
  • To update reports immediately, select Update reports.
  • To schedule reports to be updated automatically, tick the box next to Schedule reports to be updated at 3am every day. Select Plugin Configuration to confirm.

The first time you update reports, the process may take a long time. Make sure your Internet browser is left open until you see a completion result.

5.  Display the reports

Navigate to a student's profile and select Manage Reports. If you updated reports for a group, you can choose any student that belongs to that group.

This will display all the reports Firefly has found from PASS alongside their publication status. By default, they are not published and therefore not visible to non-Administrators.

6.  To publish a report, select Manage
  • If you want the report to only be visible to Firefly Administrators, choose Test Publish.
  • If you want the report to be visible to anyone who can access that student's profile, choose Publish to everyone. 

You do not need to individually manage reports. If you selected a group in step 2, then updating the publication settings for one student in that group will also update them for every other student in that group.