Optimal system specs

Ensuring that a few simple things are set up on your network can make a significant difference to how much your teachers and students can get out of Firefly.

Several of the tips below require making changes to Group Policy. Make sure that you refresh the policy across all your client machines to ensure any changes are picked up, and be aware of different policies that might apply to different groups of users – e.g. staff, senior staff and pupils. You may have to change several policies to have the same effect for all users.

1.  Ensure IE is the latest version

Whilst Firefly can be viewed on any browser going back to IE7, in order to be able to edit, the most recent version of each browser available must be available. If teachers use IE, then it must the latest version (currently IE11). It is good to have alternatives (e.g. Chrome available) too but if teachers are used to using IE, then please ensure it is the latest version.

2.  Configure your firewall for Apple’s push notifications

Firefly’s mobile apps make use of Apple’s push notifications infrastructure which require certain firewall/proxy settings to be in place to ensure reliable delivery of push notifications. The following article explains which ports need to be available and for what purpose:


3.  Configure your mail server to whitelist e-mail sent from Firefly

Firefly sends e-mails through our own cloud e-mail service, which we provide free of charge for schools. Sometimes e-mails sent from our service end up in school spam filters. To whitelist all e-mails sent through Firefly, please make sure the domains amazonses.com and ffmsg.com are whitelisted on your mail server.

4.  Add 3rd party web services to the proxy bypass

Firefly makes use of many other services available on the web such as YouTube, Vimeo and Office Online. Whilst the availability of these on the school network is entirely the choice of each school, Office Online is one where the only content viewable on Firefly is generated by the school in the first place. Unblocking access to Office Online allows Office documents to be viewable in the Firefly page.