Preparing data - SchoolBase

Learn the best way to prepare SchoolBase before integrating with Firefly.

1.  Complete the email address field on each student's profile

Firefly will issue a password-setting link when they enter an email address that matches the one in SchoolBase — they will need access to that inbox to log in for the first time. Firefly will also use that email address when sending out notifications for tasks, messages and recommended pages etc.

2.  Check that student PTypes are set properly

The PType (pupil type) must have the correct period set for timetables to come through properly. 

Students will not come through if their PType is not set as per the EXCLUDE_LEFT_PUPILS variable set in the include or in the sqlkeyring.config file. The default is to bring through students with PType values greater than 10 and less than 91 generally this doesn't need to be changed.

3.  Configure attendance types

If an attendance type has an order of 0, it won't be pulled through to Firefly.

4.  Ensure that groups are associated with an appropriate PType

They won't come through to Firefly otherwise.

Groups are shown based on the current active term, the active term is determined by the start and end dates of the current term.

5.  Add parent email addresses (optional)

For a parent to come through in Parent Portal, they must have a distinct email address in their child's contact information. Each parent should only have one email address listed in their child's contact information or they won't be able to log in.

If your school has teachers that are also parents, the email address in their child's contact information must be different from their teacher user account email.

6.  Add relationships (optional)

By default only Mothers, Fathers and Guardians come through to Firefly. This can be changed by using the parent_relationships variable in the sqlkeyring.config file (e.g. to add grandparents).

7.  Configure complex timetables (optional)

In All system settings > Options - Other, toggle Use Advanced Day structures to enable complex timetables. You'll also need to set a variable in sqlkeyring.config file or the timetable won't come through to Firefly.