Setting site permissions

Set the site permissions that define who can log into Firefly. Follow our guidelines to make the most of Firefly's page visibility view, and give you most flexibility as your use of Firefly develops. 

1.  Navigate to site permissions

Navigate to the site permissions by selecting Control Panel > Modify Site > [Select the site you would like to modify] > Permissions.

2.  Set the site permissions

Set the group(s) that you would like to be able to log in for access to your site.

It is highly recommended that you choose 'Select multiple groups or people' and then add the significant groups that you would like to have access. In most cases this will be something like 'Teachers', 'Students', 'Parents'.

The permissions that are set at the site level will be 'inherited' by any sub-section or page unless 'inherit' has been removed.  It is worth checking the permissions settings for any 'staff' section and using 'View site as' to check that access is as you expect.  Please contact support if you require any further advice.

3.  View visibility of a page

When teachers edit their pages they will be able to see at a glance who the page is visible to.