Setting up the dashboard

You can edit the dashboard so that it contains the information you would like.

All the normal editing options are available to you as well as some dashboard specific ones such as tasks and announcements.

We recommend that you keep to the default layout and configuration for the dashboard to enable easy navigation for users.

1.  To add content, choose Edit Page on the dashboard
2.  Add content using the editor toolbar

Use the editor toolbar to add content to your dashboard. For example, choose YouTube Video from More Content to add a YouTube video, or Gallery to add photos of the week.

3.  Remove or edit content

Remove or edit content that you have added to the dashboard, such as a gallery, in the normal way. Select the item and delete or use the cog icon to edit. 

4.  Remove posts and comments

To remove posts and comments from being displayed on the dashboard, select the Posts and Comments section.

5.  Select the cog icon and then choose Remove Posts and Updates

Any posts and comments will now be removed from the dashboard.

You can add posts and comments back at any time. To do this, go to More Content and Posts and Updates and choose Done