Adding an Office 365 calendar

Firefly supports integration with calendars from Microsoft's Office 365 Cloud service. This means you can display your Office 365 calendar in Firefly as you would any other calendar.

Setting up your calendar in Office 365

Log into your Office 365 account and select Calendars on the right side of the navigation bar. You will be presented with a view of your calendar. On the left side of the page, there will be a section called My Calendars. Right-click on Calendar, then select Permissions. Use the drop-down on the right to make your calendar public.

Firefly can only read the default calendar generated by Office 365 and which is simply called Calendar. You will not be able to add any calendars you have created yourself to Firefly.

Adding events to your calendar

Once you have made your calendar public, you can start adding events. To add an event, simply double-click on the day you wish to add it. You will be presented with the following screen:

Enter the details for the event, then select Save to publish it. 

Cloud hosted: Adding your Office 365 calendar to Firefly

To add an Office 365 calendar to Firefly, you must first ensure that it is publicly shared. You should then contact the support team at and provide them with your calendar details (calendarname:username:password). You will then be able to add your calendar to any page by using the calendar component.

Locally hosted: Configuring your calendar in Firefly Manager

Once you have configured your calendar in Office 365, you can start to use it in Firefly. Open up Firefly Manager on the server that hosts your installation. Click on the Configuration tab at the top and expand the Exchange Calendar section on the left, then select Office 365 Calendar. You should be presented with the following screen:

Select the text box at the top, and enter your Office 365 credentials in the form username:password:calendarname. Once you have entered your details, select Add and then Save. You can then close the manager and start using your Office 365 calendar in Firefly. 

The line which will be updated in your Firefly.config file is this one: office365CalendarFolderURL|