Adding new people to your MIS

Ensure that all the relevant fields are updated as you add new staff, students and parents to your MIS so that Firefly is ready to go when the new term comes. 

This is important so that teachers and students' sets, forms, classes, timetables are present in Firefly. If you have Parent Portal, it will ensure that new parents are all able to log in and see the data they will expect.

If you are changing information that you would like to be hidden to students until the new year, see how to restrict access until the new academic year.

Firefly cloud hosted schools

If we host your installation, your Firefly site will match to users based on the email address in the MIS for that user. 

New teachers, students and parents will all need to have a current e-mail address entered against the relevant email field in the MIS. 

If you are not sure which email field to populate, we have published some additional information or you could look at an existing user. If you still require assistance, please contact and our team will be glad to help.

The new users that you add will be available once the Firefly Cloud Uploader has run. This runs overnight so you can check that the details you have added have appeared as expected the day after your changes have been made.

Locally hosted schools

The custom field which contains the AD (Active Directory) username of an individual will need to be populated with the exact username as used in AD for each person. This will mean that creating profiles in the MIS can only be completed once an AD account has been created for each new person. Specific details for your MIS can be found on Lantern.

For those locally hosted schools with Parent Portal, each parent profile will need to have a current e-mail address entered against the relevant email field in the MIS. 

If you're not sure...

There are a few schools with set-ups outside the scope of this article. Please contact for any advice.