Exporting all markbooks to CSV

This article shows how to export and keep the previous year's markbook data for reference. You can export individual or multiple teachers' markbooks in one go. This allows you to carry out further analysis of students' marks and grades in other tools such as Excel or your MIS.

When teachers return for a new academic year, their markbook will automatically have the classes associated with their new timetable. 

Although the previous year's classes will no longer be visible in the markbook, the tasks and associated marks can still be viewed at the student or task level by looking at archived tasks. 

1.  Open the Control Panel and navigate to Markbook Export

Select Control Panel > Reports > Markbook Export.

2.  Select teachers

Type in the names and select the teachers whose markbooks you would like to export. Select Markbook Export.

A zip file will be created and downloaded which contains the following:

  • A folder for each teacher
  • Within each teacher's folder, a CSV file for each class's markbook