New academic year checklist

Here's a handy checklist to go through in advance of teachers and students returning for the new academic year. Each item links to one of our articles with more help and detailed instructions. 

Please remember, we're here to help! Contact for more information.

Adding new people to your MIS

  • Are there users in the youngest year group e.g. Year 7?
  • Can these new users log in successfully?
  • Have logging in instructions been sent to new users?

Restricting access until the new academic year

  • Are the timetables published in the MIS?
  • Have any profile permissions that were changed at the end of the last year been restored?
  • Use 'View Site As' to check that a sample of new and existing users have timetables

Bulk archiving all tasks

  • Have all last year's tasks been archived and removed from everyone's dashboard?

Consider a training option

Locally hosted schools only

Have an excellent start to the term from all of the Firefly team!