Firefly Workshops

Our workshop programme provides an opportunity for individuals to come and develop their understanding of a particular aspect of Firefly.

We offer two types of workshops: 

  • project team workshops, which focus on planning and managing Firefly — for example, how to roll out the Parent Portal or how to use Firefly in a Junior school. These are designed for a wide audience, from Project Leads to Senior Management.
  • subject workshops, which focus on using Firefly to supplement teaching for a particular subject — for example, how to use Firefly to teach History or Maths. These are designed specifically for Classroom Teachers.

All of our workshops are led by an experienced Firefly Consultant with expertise in a particular area. Each day will be a combination of practical, hands-on training with opportunities to ask questions and discuss ideas.

Places are limited to 10 and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

For more information on our upcoming workshops, please choose one of the categories below.