Ongoing training

We run training for admin and technical staff, advanced sessions and workshops. If it's not here, please talk to one of our team and we would be happy to work with you to design a session that fits your needs.

Our training team is made up of experienced educators who understand the importance of ensuring that school project teams and teachers are properly resourced and equipped to make the most of Firefly. In addition to the normal introductory training, we also offer the following.

Departmental workshops

Sessions focussing on subject specific ways of using Firefly. For example, for music departments, creating podcasts, embedding Spotify playlists, sharing sheet music etc.

The workshops are also a great opportunity for members of departments to work together and collaborate on how they will use Firefly, share resources and good practice.

App training

For those schools introducing 1:1 programs or rolling out tablets to staff, these sessions are an excellent way to ensure that teachers make the most from the Teacher and Student Planners. All the workflows for setting, marking and annotating work are covered as well as offering suggestions for complimentary apps that both students and teachers can use.

Train the trainer

For those schools with training teams or programs of ongoing Firefly training, we can also offer sessions that cover the following guidelines when considering training staff and teachers:

  • Setting Firefly in the right context
  • Using the editing interface as a guide
  • Demonstrating the shortest, quickest route
  • Create, share & learn - presenting the Firefly approach
  • Where to find supporting resources
  • Top tips!

Admin staff

Introductory training specifically adapted for your administrative staff.

  • Using forms
  • Sharing resources
  • Keeping information updated
  • When to use email or a Firefly message
  • Communication options with parents
  • When to use a Firefly page or an Office file

Technical staff

Training for technical staff aimed at equipping them to support teachers using Firefly at their school whether that is by providing the support themselves or being confident to let teachers contact our support team directly.

  • Using the control panel
  • Administrative functions: Firefly reports & configuration
  • Managing users
  • Firefly and your MIS
  • Firefly and Active Directory
  • Firefly and the cloud

Please call or email for more information.