Your profile page

See what is displayed on your profile page. Every user has a profile page which shows quick summaries of useful information about them. 

You can browse other Firefly users' profiles by either selecting a class from your timetable or by typing a person's name in the search box. You will only be able to profiles that you have the permission to access. 

The profile page will display five sections as standard:
  • key facts
  • blog
  • posts, comments & edits
  • tasks and marked work
  • timetable

You can also view the profile for an entire class.

Key facts

Key facts will be displayed related to the user including their teachers, sets, parents and groups. A teacher can set tasks and send messages to the user from here.


The last few posts made to the user's personal blog will be displayed. For more information about personal blogs see our personal section help page.

Posts, comments & edits

The last few comments or posts made by the user to blogs and forums around the school's Firefly site will be displayed on the profile page.

Tasks and marked work

As a student, you will see outstanding tasks set by staff as well marks and feedback received for your work. Teachers will see tasks they set to the student and any tasks set by other teachers. 


The personal timetable for that user will be displayed on the their profile page.

As a student, you can select a lesson to find that teacher's timetable. Teachers can select a lesson to view class information.

Class profile

Select a class from the timetable to view the class profile. The class profile shows outstanding tasks for the class as well as any posts, comments and edits they are making around the school's Firefly. 

Teachers can set a task or send a message directly from this class profile page.