Submitting work online

Submit work from your device, Google Drive or OneDrive account.

1.  Checking for new tasks

When a new task has been set, it will appear in the Your Tasks area of your Firefly dashboard. You will also receive an email and push notification.

2.  Select Submit Work

Choose the task that you would like to complete. To hand your work in, choose Submit Work next to the task summary.

3.  Choose a file

Select Choose File to upload a file from your computer. You can also select Choose from OneDrive or Choose from GoogleDocs.

4.  Upload the file

Select the file, then choose Open. The selected file will appear on your task page.

5.  Submit your work

Choose Submit. A message will appear confirming that your work has been submitted to your teacher. The task will be removed from the Your Tasks area of your dashboard.

You can submit work from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. See the student planner app section for more ways to submit work.