Bookmarking pages 

Bookmark your favourite pages so you can find them quickly in the future.

1.  Find the page

Use the Firefly menu to find the page that you wish to bookmark.

2.  Select Bookmark Page

Choose the Bookmark menu at the bottom of the page and select Bookmark Page.

3.  Viewing your bookmarks

The page will have now been added to the Bookmarks list on your dashboard and in the Bookmarks section of the dashboard toolbar. 

4.  Managing bookmarks

Bookmarks can be managed by choosing View All Bookmarks from the dashboard or Bookmarks from the dashboard toolbar.

5.  Renaming bookmarks

Bookmarks can be renamed by selecting rename next to the link. Type in your preferred name for the bookmark and confirm the change.

6.  Organising bookmarks

Select Organise Bookmarks to manage your list of bookmarks. Drag and drop your bookmarks into your preferred order or select delete to remove the bookmark. The top 5 bookmarks will always display on your dashboard. Choose Done to save your changes.