Sending messages & announcements

Send an announcement or message to any person or group in the school.

Firefly is connected to your school's information system so all the staff, students and other groups are easy to find and send messages to.

1.  Select Send Message

Select Send Message in the Announcements & Messages section on your dashboard.

You can also find the Send Message option on group or personal profile pages.

2.  Select a person or group

Type in the name of the person or group you want to message or select them from the drop-down menu. Firefly will recommend suggestions based on the names you type for quick selection.

3.  Write and send the message

Type your text in the message box and select Send Message.

The recipient(s) will see the message on their dashboards and be notified by email and push notification.

Students can only receive messages. Only staff can both send and receive. Deleting messages when you've read them is good house-keeping.