Viewing calendars

See a quick summary of your school's calendar on the dashboard and also view it in more detail. 

Firefly can pull school calendar information from your school system or from an iCal feed (whether that is a calendar file you have uploaded or one which is held elsewhere on the internet, e.g. Google Calendar). Firefly will display the school calendar on your dashboard. You can also add a calendar to any Firefly page. 

1.  Find the calendar

You can find the calendar on your dashboard.

2.  See upcoming events

This particular calendar will provide information for today and the next 2 days. Select the day to see upcoming events.

3.  See more events

If a more detailed view of the calendar is required, select See more events. This will display the full month.

4.  Viewing experience

At the top of the calendar, you can personalise your viewing experience by selecting the List or Grid view and you can display the calendar by Day, Week or Month.

5.  Subscribe to the calendar

You can subscribe to the calendar on whichever device you are using to view the page.  For example, if you select Subscribe while viewing the page on your phone, the phone's calendar app will be subscribed and be automatically updated every time events are added or changed.

You can also download the calendar as a standard .ics file by choosing the appropriate link at the bottom of the calendar.