Logging in for the first time (cloud hosted)

If your school is cloud hosted, follow these instructions to log in for the first time.

    You'll need a modern web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and the address (URL) of your Firefly site — ask the project leader or a colleague in your school if you're not sure.

1.  In your browser, type the URL for your school's Firefly into the address bar

There's no need to use www.

2.  On the Firefly login page, select the message in the green box
3.  Enter your email address

This should be the email address that the school has entered against you in your school's MIS. 

Select Activate account when you're done.

4.  Go to your inbox

Open the new email from Firefly and select Activate account.

5.   Type in a password of your choice

You can always reset your password later if you forget it.

That's it - you should now be logged in! If for any reason you are unable to log on, please contact your school project leader, network administrator or support@fireflylearning.com.