Choosing page options

Customise your newly-created page by changing the page options.


Firefly allows users to comment on a page. Comments appear at the bottom of the page and can be replied to, building up a thread of feedback or conversation. Comments can be moderated before they are published. Our article about following page comments will tell you more.

Change layout

Once a page has been published, you can change its layout by selecting from a choice of 6 blank templates. For more information go to the blank templates help page.

Change location and navigation

All pages are movable and can be changed to another location. You can change the order and hierarchy of your menu structure by choosing to change the location. The moving page location in the menu help page will tell you how.

Visibility and permissions

Firefly gives you the option to determine who sees your page, who can edit it, and who is allowed to comment. You can also make a page visible from a start date and until a finishing date. The page permissions help page will give you links to all the articles on working with permissions.


If you've made a mistake, you can always get back to a previous version of your page. The page history can be accessed from the Page Options menu. For more information on this go to the page history help page.