Dashboard tour

Use the dashboard to share information and see information that has been shared with you. 

The dashboard is the first page you see when you log in to Firefly. It is a personalised home page which shows teachers, students and parents targeted school information that is relevant to them, including messages, bookmarks, tasks, timetables, feedback on work and more.

Send Message

The Announcements and Messages area of your dashboard allows you to see quickly and easily any messages that have been sent to you or to a group of which you are part. It also enables you (permissions-allowing) to send messages to staff, students and parents. For more information, go to the Announcements and Messages help page.

Bookmark Page & Recommended Page

The Bookmarks area of the dashboard shows pages you have bookmarked, in order to access them easily in the future, and pages that have been recommended to you. For more information, go to the Bookmark page and  Recommend page help pages.


Firefly will display your school calendar on the dashboard so that users can keep up to date with important school events. You can display different types of calendar and calendar categories on any Firefly page. For more information, go to the Calendar help page.


Using the search box, you can find users, pages and resources in Firefly. The search uses text indexing to detect key words even within documents. Search results are displayed using a Google-style summary with clickable links which take you to the page concerned. 

Timetabling & Browse Profiles

Firefly displays a personal timetable for each user. You can see at a glance your teaching groups and classrooms, and Firefly keeps track of all changes in your school system. From the timetable you can select a class to view their profile. For more information, go to the Timetable help page.