What is Firefly?

Firefly was first created by two students, while still at school. We worked with our teachers to create Firefly, and we continue to work closely with schools today.

Works on everything

If you have a device that can browse webpages, then you can access resources and tasks set on Firefly. It works on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones whether Android, iOS or Windows. There are also some dedicated apps.

Available yet private

Because Firefly is in many ways like a website, it is available any time and anywhere. However, everyone has to securely log in before they can view it and so it is only available to members of your school community. If your school has the Parent Portal option, parents will be able to see information about their children and can receive information that you share with them.

Connected and integrated

Firefly is connected to your school's other systems, most notably your MIS - whether that's SIMS, iSAMS, PASS, Schoolbase etc. Because Firefly can access this information, it's quick for you to set work to your classes, see timetables and see key facts about students.