Checking that parents have read a report

Set up a form to check that parents have read their child's report. You can also give them the opportunity to leave a comment if they'd like to.

1.  Create a form page
2.  Add in your questions using the Question component

We suggest using a Yes/No question or tickbox and marking this as a required field, then adding a text box (paragraph) to allow parents to leave a comment or question.

3.  Select Publish
4.  Select Recommend this page
5.  Choose the group or person you want to send this form to, then select Next
6.  (Optional) Add a message to the parents

You might want to remind them where to find the reports, for example.

7.  Select Recommend this page

Parents will receive an e-mail inviting them to take a look at this page.

8.  To view responses, select Display Report at the top of the form
9.  Check the responses

You can select Export to Excel at the bottom of the report to download a .CSV file containing all the responses for further analysis.