Showing, hiding & highlighting tasks

Hide unneeded tasks so that they won't appear in the markbook or highlight tasks so they'll be easier to find.

1.  Highlight a task

Selecting a task allows you to add or remove a yellow highlight. This is especially useful if there are certain pieces of work that are part of assessed work etc.

2.  Hide a task

Select Hide Task to remove a task from the markbook. This can be useful if you have tasks that are simple reminders to a class or forms, rather than pieces of assessed work.

A reminder that you can unhide the task will show. You can choose to dismiss this reminder once you are familiar with hiding and showing tasks. 

3.  Show task in the markbook

From Manage Set Tasks, you can find all your tasks.  For each of them, you will have the options to Show in markbook and Highlight.

You can also navigate straight back to the markbook from here by selecting Go to markbook.