Create a page that mirrors an assignment or worksheet, then set the page as a task and mark submissions.

1.  Create an assignment

Choose the Assignment template from the More templates option when you create a page.

2.  Give your assignment a title, then select Done
3.  Select Question from the editor toolbar
4.  Choose a question type
  • For multiple choice questions, choose Add Choice to give a selection of answers for students to choose from. Remember to tick the answer that is correct.
  • For text (line) questions, choose Add Answer to add all possible answers. 
5.  Adjust the mark weight or select mark manually (optional)
6.  Give an explanation that will be shown to the student after marking (optional)
7.  Save your question

Choose Done to add the question to your page.

8.  Set the assignment as a task

Select Set as Task at the top of the page to set the assignment as a task for students.

Publish as a report and export data to Excel by choosing the Display Report link at the top of the page.