Changing your blog's appearance

Change the style of your blog to a visual blog.

Example Visual Blog homepage

Differences between the blog and the visual blog:

  • Blogs display text-based abstracts of five posts per page. Visual blogs display image-based abstracts of twelve posts per page.
  • Abstracts in an ordinary blogs can include a title, author, summary, publication date and an image. Abstracts in Visual blogs must use an image and title.
  • Both display styles will look great and work beautifully across devices without you needing to do extra work.
  • In both display styles, the functionality for creating and editing individual posts is the same.

The visual blog uses the first image on each post to create the home page. It will also use the first gallery image. Images must be at least 550px by 300px or won't display, to avoid presenting a distorted image.

Option 1: if you have already created a blog

1.  Select the blog

Select Edit Page on your blog homepage, then select the first blog post. It will highlight blue and you will see a cog in the top right corner.

2.  Select the cog
3.  Change the display style

Select Visual Blog from the Display Style drop-down menu to change your blog to a visual blog. Select Blog to change your blog back to an ordinary blog.

Option 2: if you are creating a new blog

1.  Select Create

Navigate to the place in the menu you would like your blog to live and select Create from under the page menu on the left. You will need to have edit permissions to do this. If you cannot see a create button, please see your site administrator.

2.  Select More Templates
3.  Select Blog or Visual Blog