Creating a blog

Create a blog and write your first blog post.

1.  Create your blog page

Navigate to the place in the menu you would like your blog to live and select Create from under the page menu on the left. You will need to have edit permissions to do this. If you cannot see a create button, please see your site administrator.

2.  Enter your title and choose the blog page type

Select Done to create your blog.

3.  Select Create Blog Post

Whenever you want to create another post, simply go to your blog home page and select Create Blog Post.

4.  Give your post a title

Select Write Blog Post to open the editor.

5.  Write your post

The title of each post will appear in the left hand page menu with a (HIDDEN) label. It will only be visible to users with edit access. This is just for your convenience when editing your posts. Navigation for your blog is via the archive on the blog homepage and the related posts links.

You can add all of Firefly's page content so you can include images, video and all kinds of resources from around the web.

6.  Publish your post

When you're ready to make your post public, select Publish in the top right corner.

You can also edit the blog homepage if you would like to include any introductory text. Simply select Edit Page when you are on the blog homepage.