Customising the blog homepage

Your blog homepage will automatically display abstracts of posts that will interest the reader and navigation menus to help them find their way around the blog. You can change what is displayed on the homepage.

Choosing what's shown on the homepage

1.  Select blog

Select Edit Page on your blog homepage, then select the first blog post. It will highlight blue and you will see a cog in the top right corner. 

2.  Select the cog
3.  Choose what to show on your homepage

Use the tick boxes under Show to decide what's shown on your homepage. The first four options refer to the what's shown in the abstract for each post. Feed title gives a title for the selection of posts featured, based on the reader's search. Archives and Tags refers to the Monthly Archive and Tags navigation on your homepage's right menu.

If using a visual blog, your homepage must show images.

Using featured posts

Blogs display text-based abstracts of five posts per page. Visual blogs display image-based abstracts of twelve posts per page. Abstracts are displayed in chronological order so that the most recent content is the first thing the reader sees. On an ordinary blog, you can override the chronological ordering by featuring a post or posts. Featured posts display at the top of the homepage whether or not they are the most recently created and are given an eye-catching blue banner.

1.  Select the post you want to feature

You can feature more than one post. If multiple posts are featured, they are ordered chronologically at the top of the homepage.

2.  Select More page options

From the post, select the Page Options menu next to Publish or Done, then select More page options. This opens the Change Page window.

3.  Tick to feature this post

From the top menu in the Change Page window, select Navigation. Tick the box next to Featured blog post. To complete the process, select Change Page and then Done. Your post will now be featured at the top of your homepage.

To stop a post being featured, repeat the above process and untick the Feature blog post box.


The blog homepage displays abstracts of posts that will interest the reader. In a blog, abstracts can include a title, author, summary, publication date and an image. In a visual Blog, abstracts include a title and image. 

Visual blog abstracts are created from the first high-quality image in each post. If there are no images in the post, the homepage will create an attractive place-holder to represent the post.

Blog abstracts are created from the post's first text paragraphs and the first high-quality image in the post. Abstracts use a consistent format of image followed by text. If there are no high-quality images in the post, the abstract will just display text.

You can change the title, image and summary displayed in blog abstracts manually.

1.  Open the Page Options menu

Select the post related to the abstract you want to change and open the Page Options menu next to Publish or Done.

2.  Select More Page Options

This opens the Change Page window.

3.  Change the title, abstract or image

Once you make changes manually, all abstracts for that blog will default to manual settings rather than automatic settings. This means the abstracts will show whatever title, summary and image is associated with the post in the Change Page window.