Posting using Quick Blog

The dashboard can be set up with Quick Blog to allow users to create new posts for existing blogs with just a few clicks.

Using Quick Blog to write a new blog post

1.  Type the title of your new post

From your dashboard, type the title of your new post in the textbook beneath Write Blog Post.

2.  Choose your blog

Choose from the drop-down menu which blog the post belongs to. Then select Write Blog Post and begin writing! Firefly will automatically send you to the correct blog.

To add Quick Blog to the Dashboard

You will need to be, or ask a site administrator to do this.

1.  Navigate to the dashboard that you would like to add the Quick Blog feature to
2.  Choose Edit Page

Be aware that any changes will affect all users of this dashboard.

3.  Add Quick Blog to the dashboard

Select the More menu, then Quick Blog. This will add the Quick Blog for all users of this dashboard. It's a great way to encourage regular posting. The Quick Blog can be moved around the dashboard like all other content.