News story

Create news stories for your information bulletins, organise them into news categories and use news feeds to display them. 

1.  Create a page

Select Create in the bottom left, then enter a page title.

2.  Choose the News Story template

Select More Templates... then choose News Story and select Done.

You can still modify the title and location if needed. Select Done when you're ready.

3.  Write your news story

You can add all the usual Firefly page content. Select Publish when you're done.

4.  Open more page options

Select the arrow next to Done, then choose More page options.

5.  Add an abstract and image (optional)

In the Description tab, write a summary (abstract) for your story and add an image to illustrate it. These can then be displayed in your news feed.

6.  Choose a news category

Select the News Story tab, then choose a news category and select Change Page.

If there is no appropriate news category listed, you can create a new one via the Control Panel. This requires administrator rights.

7.  Display your news category as a news feed

Open the page you would like to display your news category on and select Edit Page. Choose More then News Feed.

Select News stories from this site, then choose the category from the drop-down. You can also customise the display style, number of items to display and information shown. 

8.  Save your changes

Select Done when you're ready. The news feed will be added to your page and will be automatically updated whenever a news story is added to that news category.

News stories will be ordered by creation date, with the most recent date at the top of the list. However, for days where multiple news stories are created, the oldest story appears at the top of the list and any subsequent stories are added below it.