Adding a Vimeo video

Add any video from Vimeo to one of your Firefly pages. This could be a clip that you have found to support the children's learning or your own video that you have uploaded to Vimeo in order to share it effectively with your class.

1.  Find the Vimeo video

In a new tab, find the Vimeo video you wish to play on your page.

2.  Copy the URL of the video
3.  Select Vimeo Video

Go back to your Firefly page. Select More from the editor toolbar, then select Vimeo Video.

4.  Paste the URL

Paste the URL into the Vimeo page address box and choose Done. The Vimeo clip will be added to your page.

5.  Watch the video

Select Publish or Done to watch the video.

 Add a Vimeo video by pasting the URL address directly into your page.

The video can be played in full screen by choosing the enlarge icon while the video is playing.

You can find videos with the Vimeo app on your mobile device.