YouTube, adverts and related videos

One of the advantages of putting some of the great resources that are available on YouTube on a Firefly page is that the video is viewed in a context that you define. 

Students do not have to negotiate the unpredictable content on YouTube pages in order to view it, however it's not just about the YouTube homepage; what happens to all the adverts and related videos?

In this article, we explain what the different advert types are and how they will be displayed when the video is viewed from within a Firefly page so that you can be confident how videos on Firefly will display when you're showing them in a classroom or sharing them as a resource for your students.

1.  An advert that would normally play before the main video will not run when the video is on Firefly.
2.  Predict when pop-up adds will display

Any pop-up ad whilst the video is playing will display. You can predict when it will appear as there is a yellow marker on the red timeline. You can click the X on the ad to remove it without interrupting playback.

3.  Related videos that usually appear at the end will not display in Firefly