Live editing Office documents

You can open any Microsoft Office document, make changes and save directly to a Firefly page. This makes it easy to store your documents on Firefly, access them from home, quickly edit and reuse your material.

1.  Select the link to the Office file from your page
2.  Confirm you wish to open the file

On some in-school Firefly installations and when you are logged in on a school computer, the document will open automatically in the relevant Office program. On some other installations, you will need to confirm that you wish to open the file in a message similar to the one pictured above. Choose OK.

3.  Enter your Firefly credentials

The next screen will ask you for your Firefly user credentials. Enter as appropriate and tick the Save password box if you would like skip this step on future occasions.

If the file does not open for editing at this point, please see our troubleshooting page.

4.  View the file

The file will open in the relevant Office application. Make any changes and simply select Save. Anybody accessing the file from that point on will see the updated version.

Give your documents clear names so students know exactly what to select.