Editing images

Use the Edit Image function to edit an image on your Firefly page. For example, you can crop, rotate or resize an image.

1.  Select an image

Select the image you would like to edit.  It will be highlighted in blue and you will see a cog in the top right corner.

2.  Select the cog on the image
3.  Select the cog on the Edit Image box and choose Edit Image
4.  Edit the image
The image will automatically open in PicMonkey, an online image editor. You can use the various options to edit the image as you would like.

5.  Save your edits

Select Save from the top toolbar in PicMonkey when you have finished your edits.

6.  Save your image or abandon your changes

Choose whether to Overwrite existing image, Save as new image or Abandon changes.

7.  Select Done

Your edited image will be in place on the page.