Navigating to websites, pages and files

As well as creating automatic links to sub-pages, you can link to websites, files and other pages within your site.

1.  Select Link to any pages and choose Next
2.  Choose what you would to link to

You can choose between:

  • A page on another site
  • A page on this site
  • A file
Option 1.  Link to a page on another site

For each link to a page on another site, enter:

  • the site address (URL) e.g.
  • the title you would like to display e.g. "Hubble website".

Links to other websites will automatically open in a new tab or window.

Option 2.  Link to a page on this site

Choose Select Page and then select a page from the site menu (shown below).

Option 3.  Link to a file

Choose Select File.

You can add links to files in the following ways:

  • by selecting a file that is already on Firefly
  • by using Select Files From Your Computer to browse your device for the file you want
  • by dragging and dropping a file into the box

You can mix up any of the linking options in one navigation.