Adding Recent TV

Choose a video for your page from a selection of educationally-relevant TV programmes aired over the last four weeks.

Recent TV will let you pick from a selection of educationally-relevant TV programmes, aired over the last four weeks, on the UK’s 24 free channels (including BBC and Channel 4). All available programmes have been hand-picked, reviewed and edited by ClickView's team of curators and all are ad-free. You can have peace of mind when using these videos in the classroom.

Due to UK licensing laws, Recent TV is only available to schools in the UK.

1.  Select Recent TV from the More menu

If you can't see the menu above then make sure that you are editing the page.

2.  Browse the available TV programmes
Programmes from the last month can be selected and you can browse by TV channel or subject.
3.  Select the TV programme and then Done
When you select a programme, you can see a description and summary of the content including its rating.

The TV clip selected will remain available to watch on the page as long as it is not edited again.