Responsive pages

Find out more about how Firefly pages intelligently resize so your content is easy to read or edit on any screen size.

1.  Open a Firefly page

Above is a Firefly page created and viewed from a desktop PC.

2.  Resize your web browser

Resize your web browser to preview how the page will look on a different sized screen. Select the restore down button on your browser.

3.  Resize the page horizontally

Drag the arrow to resize the page horizontally. You can also resize it vertically or diagonally. Firefly will intelligently arrange the content to fit your re-sized screen. 

4.  Check the display

Check how your content is displayed. This screen has been reduced to represent a smart phone screen. 

5.  Improve the page layout

In order to resize effectively, some different types of content cannot be placed next to each other on a page. To improve the page layout on small screens, use the page template options rather than tables.