Moving page location in the menu

Move a page to a new location in the menu. 

The page you are viewing appears in bold in the left hand menu. Its location is made clear by the left hand menu alignment. Radioactivity, for example, is located under the section Physics > GCSE Physics > GCSE Physics Unit 1 - Origins of the Universe. It sits alongside the Hubble and Telescopes pages.

1.  Select Page

Select the page you wish to move, then choose Edit Page.

2.  Select the Page Options menu

Select the Page Options menu from the drop-down next to Publish or Done

3.  Select Location

Choose Location and the page will appear in a Change location box showing the Firefly menu.

4.  Find the page

Find the page's current location in the menu. The page is shown with a grey highlight.

5.  Choose the page location

Select the place in the menu where you would like the page to be located. Click on the arrows next to main sections of the menu, such as Subjects, to open them up if they are not yet accessible to you.

6.  Main Page

Choose a hard, black line if you would like the page to be located as an item in the main menu.

7.  Sub-page

Choose a black highlight if you would like the page to be located as a sub-page of the highlighted page.

8.  Save your changes

Choose Done and the location of the page will be changed. You will be able to view the page in its new location in the menu.