Troubleshooting - What if my page freezes?

If you're having any trouble with a page, take these simple steps.

Take these steps if you encounter any of the following issues:

  • content on your page is slow to load
  • you receive a dialogue box telling you that Firefly is having trouble saving your work
  • your page freezes
1.  Select refresh

Select the refresh button next to the url bar at the top of your page. If instructed, choose reload this page.

Firefly automatically saves every 30 seconds, ensuring that all your work is not lost.

2.  Select shift and F5

If that still does not solve the problem on your page, select Shift and F5 to get an enforced refresh.

3.  Close and re-open your web browser

As a final step, you may need to close the web browser and re-open it to reload your page.