Personal sections

Every user has their own personal section, where they can create pages and a blog and choose whether to make pages public or private.

Personal sections need to be enabled by the site administrator.

1.  Personal Section

You can access your own personal section from the drop-down menu beneath your name.

2.  Personal Blog

Personal sections include a personal blog. This can be written straight from your dashboard.

3.  Personal Sections Permissions

You can access someone else's personal section (permissions-permitting) from the links on their profile page.

Why use a personal section?

For teachers:

  • experiment with building different Firefly pages.
  • write and store pages not directly relevant to students.
  • keep notes on day to day activities for personal reference.

For students:

  • keep a personal blog, like a diary, to make continuous self-assessment simple. 
  • write and store portfolio work, keeping it all in one easy-to-access place. Teachers can comment on this, if necessary.

For administrators:

  • document information about Firefly use as it evolves.
  • write and store information only relevant to administrators.

Personal blogs guided by teachers are a great way to get even the youngest students creating and is a powerful showcase for parents.

You can choose to make a personal section public. Administrators decide what 'public' means, for example form tutors could see their tutees' sections, teachers can always see their students' pages.