Managing tasks

Manage a task to view student responses, send reminders and excuse students.

1.  View all set tasks

View the class list to see which students have completed the task or submitted work.

2.  Excuse a student

To excuse a student from the task, select Excuse in the row next to their name. The task will be removed from their dashboard. Any previously excused student can be un-excused too.

3.  Send a reminder

To remind students about the task, choose a student from the list that you would like to remind. Their name will appear in the Send Reminder box. 

4.  Send a reminder to all students

You can send reminders to all students who have not submitted work by selecting Send Reminders. Reminders will appear on students' dashboards.

5.  Archive a task

To archive a task, select Archive Task. This will remove it from the dashboards of the students (and parents) to which it relates. All archived tasks can be still be accessed via Manage Set Tasks