Marking submitted work

Mark students' submitted work and give them feedback so they can improve.

1.  Select a task

To begin marking, choose the task from your Manage Set Tasks list or by selecting View All Set Tasks. This will display the list of students who need to complete the task.

The progress bar will indicate when students have completed the task.

2.  Select Mark Now

Choose a student and choose Mark Now. Alternatively, you can choose Mark Now from the toolbar and it will take you to the first piece of work that requires marking.

3.  Add feedback

Choose Feedback to give a written comment.

4.  Add a mark

Choose Mark to give a mark out of 10. Please note you can only entert whole numbers, not decimals.

The mark will be displayed to the student as a percentage.

5.  Add a grade or level

Choose Add Grade/Level to give a grade or level description.

6.  Release the mark

Choose Release Mark for the mark and feedback to be released to the student and displayed on their dashboard. You can also release all the marks together by selecting Release Marks from the top toolbar.

7.  Save your changes

When you're ready, select Save marks and feedback. The task page will be updated to reflect these changes.

You can start marking as soon as any students in the group have submitted work.

A task can be archived once it is completed.