Annotating submitted work

Give marks and feedback to student work, including annotating files.

Once you have selected Mark now next to a student who has submitted work for a task, you have the option to annotate their submission.

1.  View the work

Select the submitted file to view the student's work. 

2.  Annotate the work and save
3.  Attach a file as feedback

Back on the task, choose Attach a file as feedback and select the saved file.

4.  Add extra feedback

Choose Feedback and type a comment.

5.  Add a mark

Choose Mark to add a mark out of 10. It will be displayed as a percentage to the student.

6.  Add a grade or level

Choose Add Grade/Level to give a grade or level description.

7.  Save your changes

When you're ready, select Save marks and feedback. The task page will be updated to reflect these changes.

Select Download submitted files to download all the work for that assignment. Firefly will automatically name each piece of work to match the student who submitted it.

Tasks can be archived when you have finished marking, using the Archive Task link.

Use the Teacher Planner App to set, manage and mark tasks.