Mark assignments and class tests.

1.  Select a task

To begin marking, choose the task from your Manage Set Tasks lists or by selecting View All Set Tasks. This will display the list of students who need to complete the task.

2.  Choose a student and choose Mark Now

This will take you to their submitted assignment or class test. 

3.  Adjust the mark

View the student's answers. Adjust the mark that Firefly has given if necessary. Some answers may require manual marking.

4.  Add feedback (optional)
5.  View the total marks

The total marks for the assignment or class test will automatically be displayed under marking options.

6.  Add a comment

Choose Feedback to add a comment that will be emailed to the student and displayed on their dashboard.

7.  Add a level descriptor

Choose Grade/Level to add a level descriptor.

8.  Select Save marks and feedback to save your changes

The task page will be updated to reflect these changes.

Release the marks to each student or select Release Marks to release all the marks when you have completed your marking.

Tasks can be archived when you have finished marking, using the Archive Task link.

You can also use the Teacher Planner App to set, manage and mark tasks.