Teacher Planner app

Explore some of the key features of the Teacher Planner with our guided tour. Then check out the help pages which explain how to set, manage and mark tasks from the app.

1.  View your weekly timetable

Your timetable is displayed showing your classes. Scroll from week to week to view your weekly timetable.

2.  Choose a class

 Choose a class from your timetable to find your students and lesson information.

3.  See task or set task

When on the class page, you can select See Tasks For This Class or Set a Task.

4.  Choose Task or Choose All Tasks

Choose Tasks from the main tool bar. This takes you to tasks for the class that you were viewing or you can choose All tasks.

5.  Set a new task

In Tasks, choose Set a Task to easily set a new task.

  • select a class
  • enter your task details
  • select your due date
  • decide if you would like to allow online submissions
  • publish the task
6.  Manage a task

In Tasks, select a task to manage it or start marking.

7.  Manage bookmarks

Choose Bookmarks from the main toolbar to view your recommended bookmarks or personal bookmarks from Firefly. There is also a link here to your dashboard.

8.  Order tasks

Choose Settings from the main tool bar to order your tasks by set date or due date, and to change login.